Stewords Riverboat, Singapore
Stewords Riverboat, Singapore


In this very special edition of Riverboat Wine Voyages, we present you with the wines of two Italian wineries we recently visited, fresh off the plane.

Hear our wine specialist Daryl, who is also the CEO of Stewords Riverboat, share about his trip to Northern Italy in September 2018 together with his wife Marcia. The couple visited two wineries, both of which extended them outstanding hospitality, and returned to Singapore with a suitcase full of wines to share at this Wine Voyage. And in case you are wondering, yes, duties and taxes have been paid.

Le Contesse Winery, Trevise

One of the largest Prosecco producers, Le Contesse is still owned and run by a lovely family. We were given a full tour of their winery by Francesca, who is the winery’s sales export manager and the wife of Davide, the first son of the winery’s owner. While ‘tank method’ sparkling wines usually conjure up a less romantic image than their ‘traditional method’ cousins, it was still impressive to see the scale and precision with which the wines are made! We even had the privelege of tasting partially-fermented wines straight out of the tank.

At the end of the tour, we sat down to a guided tasting of more wines than we could possibly remember! While Prosecco is always made from the Glera grape varietal, Le Contesse also has a range of good quality sparkling and still wines from other varietals.

The evening ended with a sumptuous dinner treat at a nearby restaurant. When we say nearby, it was a good 20min drive in complete darkness to the nearest open establishment. As you might have expected, it was a humongous dinner as well! A good four times of what we would normally eat in Singapore!

We left with a great impression of the winery, and our hearts warmed by the hospitality and friendliness of Davide and Francesca. Hoping to see more of their wines in Singapore in the near future!

Featured wines to be announced soon…

Poggio Primo Winery, Chianti

In the heart of Tuscany, we find a laid back, historic wine-producing region known as ‘Chianti’. After driving through unending mountain roads with olive groves, vineyards and green wooded areas, we found ourselves at Poggio Primo winery where we had arrangements to stay for a night. We were checked in by Pietro, nephew of the winery’s founder Marino Marini. Pietro, together with his cousin Vezio, are the ones running the winery as Marini sits back to enjoy the beautiful orange Tuscan sunset. And guess what, we got the best room right next to the bar!

In the evening, we were summoned over for a wine tasting by none other than Marini himself. He spoke hardly any English, and we spoke absolutely no Italian. But with a combination of sign language, Google translate, and a large amount of guessing, we did get through a pretty decent conversation and an even more decent series of wines.

From their generic Rosso wines, to the flagship Chianti, to high-end Brunello, Poggio Primo seems to have got the entire Chianti/Tuscany region under their thumb. And the rustic, farmhouse-like setting of their bar-cum-tasting room just adds to the beauty of it all.

Another highlight of our stay in their estate was definitely breakfast! Lovingly prepared by Mrs Marini and served in the same bar-cum-tasting-room-cum-breakfast-area, we fell thoroughly in love with their very own Poggio Primo olive oil!

Alas, all good things come to an end, and we bade farewell to this lovely duo and journeyed on to the bustling city of Milan. But the quiet charm of Chianti will have a special place in our hearts forever.

Featured wines to be announced soon…

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