Stewords Riverboat, Singapore
Stewords Riverboat, Singapore

As the Chinese mid-autumn festival is approaching, join us for a very special edition of Riverboat Wine Voyages as we try a variety of sweet wines from around the world paired with traditional mooncakes.

Riverboat Wine voyages is a series of wine tasting events which takes you as on a journey around the globe, discovering some of the world’s favourite wine regions and styles without even leaving Marina South Pier. Taste up to 50 wines over a series of nine events from April to December 2018.

Happening every second Thursday of the month, Riverboat Wine Voyages provides a fun and relaxed social space where wine lovers can gather to taste and learn about a wide range of wines. Whether you are a wine noob or a seasoned wine aficionado, just beginning to explore or already a committed lifelong alcoholic, chances are you will make some like-minded friends on these ‘voyages’ to have many a grape evening with!

This series of wine events is hosted by Akimi Yeo, who is a certified Wine Specialist and Whisky Ambassador. Akimi has been increasingly active in the Singapore wine scene in recent years, conducting both private and corporate wine tastings as well as providing training and consultation for F&B professionals.

Featured Wines

There are many ways to make a wine sweet, and simply adding sugar syrup or honey is not one of them. At least it’s not supposed to be! In this “special edition” wine voyage, we present you with a variety of wines that have been vinified sweet using methods such as partial fermentation and fortification, as well as using grapes that are late-harvested, frozen on the vines, or infected with botrytis. Pair them with mooncakes, and tell us which you think goes best!

Mooncakes? Mid-Autumn?

For the benefit of those less familiar, Mid-Autumn festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the lunar calendar, where there is a full moon. Traditions pertaining to this festival include parading the streets carrying colourful lanterns, and gathering with family and friends to appreciate the moon. This gathering always features the eating of mooncakes, which are round pastries with sweet fillings of red bean or lotus paste.

Tickets & Enquiries

Purchase your tickets online through Peatix to be guaranteed a seat. You will also receive a 20% dining discount voucher and a $10 wine voucher each time you ‘sail’ with us. Tickets at the door will be an additional $5.

Single Ticket: $25
Season Ticket: $65 (Any 3 destinations)

For further enquiries, please contact our in-house wine specialist Daryl Saw at 62785775 or email The Riverboat is a non-motorized floating F&B and lifestyle venue permanently moored at Marina South Pier.


Riverboat Wine Voyages – Sweet Wines & Mooncakes

Thursday, 13 September 2018, 7pm

Main Deck (L1)

Online Price:
$25 (Single Ticket)
$65 (Season – 3 sessions)
Tickets at the door will be an additional $5


For more information, please contact our in-house wine specialist Daryl Saw at 62785775 or email gs.mo1600756963c.tao1600756963brevi1600756963r@yri1600756963uqne1600756963.