Riverboat Wine Voyages

We have reached the end of Season 3 of Riverboat Wine Voyages, and it’s time to celebrate! This party is open to all, whether you’ve been to any of our past voyages or not. 

For those who have ‘sailed’ with us since day 1, that means 30 nights spend drinking, learning and having fun with old and new friends on board. That’s indeed a milestone worth celebrating… with more wine of course! A good selection of canapes will also be provided to accompany the drinking.


As a special tribute to our lovely host Akimi Yeo who has been passionately sharing her wine knowledge with us over the 3 seasons, we will begin the voyage by popping some bottles of her all-time favourite sparkling wine… one which she is known as the ‘unofficial ambassador’ for. What is it? Come find out!


Love is blind. We love wine. Therefore love is wine and wine is blind. If you’re not too confused yet, come participate in our Blind Tasting Challenge of 10 wines! Tasting notes will be provided, and your mission is to match the bottle number with the name of the wine you think it is. The winner will get to pick any bottle of wine from our Wine List to share with the group!


As is our tradition at every Wrap Party, take stock of how much you’ve learnt in the midst of drinking by participating in our simple and fun multiple-choice Wine Quiz, conducted by Daryl Saw, CEO of the Riverboat! No pressure, just pleasure!


While Riverboat Wine Voyages will be taking a break until January, we are by no means taking a break from drinking till then. The festive season on board the Riverboat will be filled with lots of Wine Dinners, Wine Fairs, and other special offers. Come find out more at the Wrap Party, and also get access to our special discount code for all the wine events on board. May your days be merry and bright, and may all your Christmases be white, red, rose or sparkling… whichever your prefer!


Online ticket sales closes at 5pm on the day of the event. Tickets purchased at the door will be an additional $5. Alternatively, bring a bottle of wine, a block of cheese, or something worth $20 or more to share, and your ticket will be free!

For more information, please email gs.mo1591522276c.tao1591522276brevi1591522276r@stn1591522276eve1591522276 or call 62785775. See you on board!

Riverboat Wine Voyages: Season 3 Wrap Party

28 Sept 2017 (Thu), 7-9pm

Bridge Deck (Level 3)

$20 online | $25 at the door


Tickets are also available at our Front Desk on board the Riverboat. If you have further enquiries, or would like to arrange alternative online payment methods, please contact our in-house wine specialist Daryl Saw at 62785775, or email gs.mo1591522276c.tao1591522276brevi1591522276r@stn1591522276eve1591522276. See you on board!