Stewords Riverboat Singapore

Calling all single sports lovers who enjoy bonding over physically active experiences! Stewords Riverboat, a.k.a Singapore’s love boat, is proud to partner with LunchActually on this heart-pumping and sweat-inducing event.

Bowl for Fun!

Expect an event filled with laughter and friendly competition.

Date/Time: 16 Sept 2017, 11.30am-2pm
Venue: To be revealed to paid participants

River Run Roar!

Couple workouts, jog along the scenic Marina Bay Sands, and end with a meal together!

Date/Time: 30 Sept 2017, 10.30am-1.30pm
Venue: To be revealed to paid participants… but perhaps you could make a guess already!

Tree Top Walk!

Bond with fellow singles while hiking in this 4.5km nature trail!

Date/Time: 7 Oct 2017, 1-5pm
Venue: To be revealed to paid participants

Tickets & Registration

$99/person for entire event trilogy, available online at Please note that this event is open to singles only.

Go The Extra Mile For Love

River Run Roar!
30 September 2017 (Sat)


Upper Deck

$99 for entire event trilogy

If you have further enquiries, please call LunchActually at 65320010 or email moc.y1581940655llaut1581940655cahcn1581940655ul@sd1581940655ipucg1581940655s1581940655. See you on board!