Riverboat Wine Voyages Alsace

Taste over 50 wines over a series of 10 ‘voyages’, as we explore the famous and the up-and-coming wine regions of the world!

Now in its third season, the Riverboat’s Wine Voyages gives you the opportunity to learn more about wine whilst enjoying it with friends in a fun and social atmosphere on board Singapore’s very own floating F&B and lifestyle venue.

Begin with a welcome sparkling wine and tostada chips. Once everyone is settled in, listen to a short presentation on the day’s featured country/region by our guest wine specialist Akimi Yeo, followed by a guided tasting sequence of 4-5 other wines. Feel free to share your thoughts along the way, and ask questions anytime along the journey.


A very unique wine region situated along France’s eastern border and on the west bank of the Upper Rhine, Alsace has been ‘ping’ponged’ back and forth between French and German rule in the last two centuries. Back under French governance since 1945, the region’s wines still reflect a distinct German influence in its choice of varietals and even the bottle shape, known locally as Flutes d’Alsace.

Begin this voyage tasting three signature white wines from the region, all of which are counted among the ‘Noble Grapes’ of Alsace. The honour of presenting these three grapes this evening falls to Les Faîtières winery, located in the heart of Alsace. Concentrated all around Orschwiller, Kintzheim and Saint Hippolyte, their vineyards benefit from good sun exposure and offer a diversity of soils, where the grapes can grow ideally for the development of aromas and concentration of sugar.

Les Faîtières Riesling 2014

Les Faîtières Pinot Gris 2014

Les Faîtières Gewurztraminer 2015

And following these, we have the privilege of tasting two excellent (as well as expensive) sweet wines, both featuring the Gewurztraminer grape. The first is labelled as “Vendages Tardives”, which is the local term for late harvest, and the second is labelled “Selection de Grains Nobles”, which is made from botrytised grapes. Showcasing these two local signature styles would be the Maison Trimbach winery, which has been making great Alsatian wine since 1626.

Maison Trimbach Gewurztraminer Vendages Tardives 2009

Maison Trimbach Gewurztraminer Selection de Grains Nobles 2001

What a sweet and lovely note to end Season 3 of Riverboat Wine Voyages! Join us at the Wrap Party on 28 September 2017, and we will sail the wine world all over again in 2017! Cheers!


Riverboat Wine Voyages: France (Alsace)

21 September 2017 (Thu), 7-8.30pm

Main Deck (Level 1)

$20 online | $25 at the door

Tickets are also available at our Front Desk on board the Riverboat. If you have further enquiries, or would like to arrange alternative online payment methods, please contact our in-house wine specialist Daryl Saw at 62785775, or email gs.mo1591020255c.tao1591020255brevi1591020255r@stn1591020255eve1591020255. See you on board!